Bellevue Borough, Pennsylvania Projects along Ohio River Boulevard

Morris Knowles & Associates had the unique opportunity to work with a developer on three separate projects in Bellevue Borough Pennsylvania.   This was a unique situation as all three projects were in eyesight of each other, all along Ohio River Boulevard.  The developer also owns several other businesses on this section of road.

The first project to wrap up construction was the Enterprise Rental car.  This project involved extensive site work; a portion of the site had to be brought up approximately 15 feet in elevation to create a suitable lot for this project.  The challenge with this job was working with the existing grades and steep terrain at the rear of the property.

The next project to progress into construction is the property for a proposed Popeye’s restaurant.  This site also had its own challenges including utility constraints, PennDOT work and coordination, and extensive site work.  A large quantity of engineered fill brought in to increase the usable size of the lot.  The rear of the property had its elevation increased approximately 15 feet.  Site utilities and remaining rough site work is near completion and the building is has commenced. 

The next project that has had construction run nearly concurrent with the proposed Popeyes is a former pizza shop.  This site had its own set of challenges as well.  An existing railroad tie retaining wall to the East of the property had failed and collapsed into the future Wingstop’s property.  A thorough investigation of the failure and the other existing retaining walls was completed, and two new retaining walls were designed for the property.  The new Wingstop will re-use the existing building with exterior and interior improvements to be made.

MKA has worked on many projects with the GC of all three of these sites in Bellevue, Franjo Construction.  Tasks include site survey work, ALTA survey work, site design and permitting, stormwater management design, construction administration services, landscape design, and site grading and utility work.





Well Pad Site Design and Pipeline Design

Since 2007 Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc., A Hammontree Company, and Hammontree & Associates, Limited have offered well pad site design, pipeline design, development, permitting and surveying for exploration and production of oil and gas in the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations.

St Clair Township - CBDG Road Paving

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. was contracted by St. Clair Township in Westmoreland County to provide engineering design and construction period services on three roadway widening and surfacing projects within the Township.

Wetland Services

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of environmental services to support all construction and development.

Penn Trafford School District Sewer Repair

Penn Trafford School District requested Morris Knowles and Associates to assist with preparing plans and specifications and contract award administration for pipe bursting sections of badly broken sanitary sewer lines next to and around their football stadium due to sewer water escaping and penetrating through an embankment onto neighboring property.

Lawrenceville Housing Project

Morris Knowles was hired by LOWLA LP in Lawrenceville, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, to provide civil site engineering and permitting for five new, modern row houses at the corner of Plummer Street and 47th Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.

O'Reilly Auto Parts Retail Stores

Morris Knowles was selected by the Hutton Team, LLC for an O'Reilly Auto Parts Retail Store in North Versailles, PA. Morris Knowles has completed several other O'Reilly stores in the past three years.

Holiday Inn in Southpointe, PA

Morris Knowles was hired to complete the necessary design plans and permitting for the proposed Holiday Inn Express in the Southpointe Development in Washington County, PA.

Dave Wright Apartments

Morris Knowles & Associates was retained by RSH Architects to perform the civil site design for a 5 story Apartment Building for Autism clients. The Apartments will feature 42 one and two-bedroom apartments, including six for physically disabled people.

Monroeville Pro Bikes

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. surveyed the site located at William Penn Hwy and Stroschein Road. MKAI then prepared the Civil/Site Plans, stormwater management plans, and construction details for a new multi-tenant retail facility.

Walgreens Pharmacy

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. surveyed the site located at William Penn Hwy and School Road. MKAI then prepared the Civil/Site Plans, stormwater management plans, and construction details for a new Walgreens Pharmacy. MKAI also provided handicap accessibility review.

Twin Ridges Wind Turbine Project

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc., was hired by Big Savage, LLC to provide foundation design parameters, geotechnical investigation and recommendations for the Twin Ridges Wind energy project in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Drone Surveying

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. offers U.A.V. (Drone) Surveying and Mapping with five F.A.A. Licensed Remote Pilots.

Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. was hired by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh for the Glen Hazel Community new outdoor basketball facility. To accommodate tournament play, the new facility has new high mast lighting, an audio announcing system, and a concession stand for refreshments.

PNC Bank and Retail

Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. surveyed the site located at West McMurray Road and Washington Road. MKAI then prepared the Civil/Site Plans, stormwater management plans, landscape plans, and construction details for the development containing a PNC bank and a separate building containing retail shops.
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