Members of: OOGA, PIOGA, and IOGA-WV
Energy - Morris Knowles & Associates - engineering
Engineering for Oil and Gas Include:
  • E & S Plan design and reports
  • NPDES permits and monitoring
  • Sewage permits
  • Recon visits for preliminary site selections
  • Geotechnical/slope stability analysis and recommendations
  • Construction observation during pad and pond construction
  • Permitting and coordinating issues addressed by regulators
  • Permit fee management
  • Lease exhibit drawing for surface owner coordination

Energy - Morris Knowles & Associates - surveying
  • Urban Area Mapping per O.R.C. Chapter 1501:9
  • Rural Area Mapping
  • Horizontal and vertical well plats with unit lease areas
  • Gas Line Staking and right of way development
  • GIS well inventory plats and wall spacing planning
  • Transmission line layout
  • Record drawing of completed construction
  • Subsidence monitoring in coal mine and sensitive terrain

Energy - Morris Knowles & Associates - Faircrest_Ph_3
  • Road bonding applications
  • Winter road maintenance agreements
  • DOT drive access permits to state routes
  • 911 addressing management
  • Complete ODOT design prequalification for highway and bridge design and inspections

Energy - Morris Knowles & Associates - environmental
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Wetland permitting for Section 404/401 and state permits
  • Stream crossing and wetland clearance permitting
  • Endangered and sensitive species protection reports
  • Environmental Site Assessments

Energy - Morris Knowles & Associates - wind-energy
Wind Energy Support Services
  • Foundation Design for Wind Turbines
  • Permitting
  • Map Preparation
  • Full Civil and Surveying Services



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